Blog: Students

It’s Time for Something New

It's time to create a new world where people are intervening in problem situations so that all people are protected, loved, taken care of, and stood up for. You can start your own Every|Day Hero Campaign where you live, work, play, study or volunteer! Read More »

I Refuse To Believe

Mike Dilbeck, Founder & President, refuses to believe that we are any less than extraordinary human beings who do want to intervene in problem situations and be an Every|Day Hero in life. Read More »

Building Up or Tearing Down?

Matt challenges all of us to keep our passions alive and not let them be torn down by "life!" Read More »

On The Streets

Jason shares this vulnerable and raw account of searching his own soul for what's important in life. And, he actually takes action from what he sees. Read More »

BE THE PERSON | 2012: A Life Changing Success

This real-world learning experience changed lives and created change-making leaders. Learn all about it and watch inspiring videos from the participants. Read More »

Why BE THE PERSON | 2012 Matters To You

Wondering what this BE THE PERSON thing is all about? What can you get from it? Matt, co-producer of this event with Mike Dilbeck, shares the learning outcomes and what you can expect. Read More »

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