Learning New Skills Should Be Easy With These Tips

When you set out to master a new skill, you’re doing yourself a huge favour by enriching your life, especially if it’s a skill you’re going to be using for work or similar endeavours. But even though you are armed with a strong will and wish to learn, you may bump into obstacles due to the fact that you’re missing out on some tips and tricks on how to study effectively. That’s why we came up with this useful list that can help you map out your learning plan.


1. Post-Its and notebooks are your friends

Taking notes and making flashcards is one of the easiest surefire ways to memorize new material. Not only do proven billionaire smart cookies swear by this method, but studies also show that handwritten notes can do wonders for your studying skills and improve your memory along the way!

Also, there is something so accessible about your own notes. You just pick them up a couple of times during the day, flip through the essentials, sleep on it and voila – the next day, you will already find yourself equipped with more knowledge. The same goes for post-its – a glance at them during the day for an instant learning fix.


2. Make it fun

The notion that studying is boring is a long-debunked lie. There are many ways an individual can bring some fun to studying at home. Take learning a new language for example. Besides the classes and courses you take, there are always movies and TV shows you can watch to enrich and speed up your learning, while also enjoying the quality and fun art. There are equally many ways learning institutions around the world incorporate fun content into the curriculum. For instance, in Hong Kong, English is used as an official language, thus many enroll their kids into classes, so there are many schools dedicated to learning through fun, such as the learning center Monkey Tree in Hong Kong.

Learning New Skills


3. Shake it up

Apart from mixing it up by bringing fun into learning, another good advice is to change your setting time through time. So, if you feel that you are beginning to slow down after a while, get yourself off the chair at home and bring your laptop over to the nearest café. Our brains are wired in a way that makes them connect our learning material to our current surroundings, so it’s likely you will be able to recall something by remembering where you were when you learned it, or by remembering an anecdote tied to the place where you went over the curriculum.


4. Never be just a nerd

This is something we are told from kindergarten and still stands today – don’t just memorize stuff, but understand it. There is a vast difference between being able to recall information at exams and actually understanding the subject in a way that can be crucial for solving problems at work. Don’t be afraid to dive deep into what you’re learning – ask the why’s and how’s. These questions and subsequent answers aid you in easier memorization of the subject at hand.

Learning New Skills


5. Bring out your inner executive

Executives are known for their multitasking skills, attention to detail and impeccable memory, so there are no doubt skills like these will help you advance in life. But for starters – baby steps. Work on boosting these and similar skills through dedicated apps, so you can subsequently make learning an easier job. This is even more so important since they help you retain the new information you’ve just learned. Procrastination can be a tricky nemesis, so also be sure to download apps that can help you fight this pest, and that will help you focus on what’s really important.


There are numerous ways one can help themselves advance skill-wise. There isn’t one universal formula that can magically our all the needed knowledge into your head. But if armed with patience, one can advance, slowly at first and rapidly advancing later. Along the way, you will discover which tips suit you more, which less, and by combining them, you will truly shine and better your life.