What Can You Do If Your House Is Not Insulated At All?

What Can You Do If Your House Is Not Insulated At All?

Do you want a cozy house without wasting money on insulation? Well, stay here!

Keeping yourself warm is the dire need of winter weather. Many people prefer insulation, yet it costs but admirable way widely. Undoubtedly, it is also the best way to keep yourself warmer in harsh winter conditions, but what about those house owners who don’t prefer insulation.

Well, you must be the one that’s why you land here. This article will guide you to choose other effective ways than the expensive one. So let’s head towards the content!

How to keep your house warm without insulation?

To keep the house warm in winter is as important as saving money nowadays as insulation is the best way to keep yourself cozy in your house. If you don’t prefer an insulated house, no problem; there are also other effective ways which prevent heat loss and upgrade the house heat. Some of them include;

  • Carpets and curtains
  •  Fuel Furnaces 
  • Beef up your house
  • Block the chimneys
  • Exercise the holes sealing process
  • Weather-stripping
  • Seal the pipe leaks
  • Carpets and curtains;

Carpets and curtains are the way better alternatives to insulation. Windows are made of glass which became the source of air conduction into the house. You might think about how the air can enter a glass-sealed window. But it does via convection. The holes between the window and its frame can also be why you upgrade your house cold.

To use the fitting curtains is a way to protect your warms house from an outside cold environment. It is also an inexpensive way that anyone can afford. The curtains act as a thermal shield between two inside air to the outside environment. 

In winters, the ground of the house might get cold, and it can cut down the heat of your house. If you do not cover it with carpets, even furnaces will not work. Thermal carpets intend to keep the heat inside and block the cold from the floor’s surface. It is also an inexpensive way recommended to use this way without wasting money on fuel and furnace.

  • Block the chimneys;

Mostly chimneys were present in 90 when people preferred to direct the heat away from houses. It also becomes a way to direct the heat away from houses. But nowadays they are present in commercial buildings. So if you have extra chimneys in your house, block them; it’s the recommended way to prevent heat loss in winters.

  • Exercise the whole sealing process;  

You may find holes in your windows, pipes, and doors that might be the way of cold air into your house. Don’t worry; inspect the holes and start the sealing process to make your house cozy for winter. 

You can seal the window frame holes by installing a curtain strip called a pelmet, which may be expensive if good-quality fabric. Use it to seal the gap between the window and its frame as it is energy-efficient; otherwise, energy will drain from those holes! 

  • Weather-stripping;

Do you want to make your house heated for winter? There’s one way to make it possible without wasting money on furnaces and insulation that is weather stripping. Inspect your house, especially your entrance and windows. Take a look carefully at the window frames and exterior doors. If you see any spot in the door, cold air will go into the house from that hole.

Weather-stripping is an innovative and inexpensive way to block that air passage. If you already had the strips that might be damaged, change them to new ones. You can buy them from the nearby market, and they are easily available. They are self-adhesive and are like rubber. Apply them carefully to the effective areas; otherwise, they may get torn. This way can prove to be the more effective and relaxing.

  • Seal the pipe leaks;

Pipe leaks can also be the cause of heat leaks. When you hear that, you must be thinking about your plumbing leaks. Go and check your pipes carefully. At somewhere, they must be leaked if they are old. Cold air can enter the house from those leaks. Expanding foam can be the best material to block those leaks. Shake it well before you apply it to the holes, don’t worry; it expands if you have enough.


Insulation is the best way to keep yourself cozy, but what if someone doesn’t prefer to insulate his house. He may visit the other alternative ways to insulation. We hope this article will help you keep your home warm in winter.


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