5 Symptoms of AC Compressor Failure

Your AC system is one of the essential components of your home, and if you have seniors or babies in your house, you know that the system is more of a necessity, rather than a luxury. As such, you want the whole unit working at all times for added comfort and better health.For the HVAC system to work efficiently, every part must function, and the AC compressors should be no exception.

Simply put, an AC compressor unit is a vital and expensive part in your HVAC system, and you should know the symptoms of failure to avoid severe damage. Below are six signs that point to a failing AC compressor:

1. System blows warm air

If your condenser happens to be running yet what you feel coming from the system is warm air, that may be one early symptom that the compressor is failing. A compressor that is almost failing won’t move the refrigerant through the system hence lack of cooling power.


Be aware, however, that a refrigerant leak can make the system fail to work as expected and could, as well be the reason as to why the system is blowing warm air due to lack of enough cooling liquid. The only way to be sure about that is to consult a service provider such as Chills AC – AC Service in Miami for inspection and advice.

2. Reduced airflow

You switch on the AC and note that it’s working, but the air coming from the vents seems to be less than expected. Could it be that you’re making up things in your mind? Well, that may not be the case, and if you notice that, you better call in a HVAC expert to diagnose the system.

3. Hard starts

So you’ve noticed that your outdoor condensing unit is shaking rather violently as it turns on, which is an indication that the compressor is probably “hard starting”. That means that it’s having a tough time starting, which usually happens just before it fails.

4. Strange noises

Your condenser system typically makes some noises as it operates, but the sounds are not loud or weird in any way if the system is functioning as it should. If you notice some loud or strange noises that you’ve never heard before, could be the compressor unit is failing and needs an inspection.

5. Tripped circuit breaker

Air conditioning service maintenance

An overworking or malfunctioning compressor can make the circuit breaker that cuts your AC’s power to trip. If that keeps on happening, you have to call a HVAC professional to examine the unit since that might indicate that the compressor is failing.

To wrap up,

Never, ever, ignore the signs of a failing compressor unit, to avoid greater damage which will cost you a fortune to fix. In some cases, ignored signs can lead to severe failures that might need you to replace your compressor, which is not an easy thing to do. Therefore, you need to have a HVAC expert’s contacts at hand just in case you notice the signs and want to have the unit checked.