When Do I Need A Business Lawyer For My Small Business

As a small business owner, you understand the extensive responsibilities that are placed on you each day, to keep your business up and running smoothly. However, in addition to the day-to-day tasks of your business, you will want to have an experienced Business Lawyer on your side as well, to help you handle any commercial litigation, through every phase of your business operation.

It is implied and understood that your business’s profitability is often dependent on your choice of staff and management, all of which determine the structure of ownership, tax status, exposure to liability and much more.

Today’s businesses are often dependent on intellectual property, which is why you must have a plan in place that will completely protect and allow you to profit from your assets. In the long-term, your business success is dependent upon your ability to make the most innovative and sound decisions at the most opportune moments, and having a thorough understanding of the legal ramifications of all of your decision-making is vital to your success.


Because of this, you need to have a knowledgeable BUSINESS LAWYER on your side that can help you with business entity selection and formations, including all of the legal and administrative aspects of creating your company. An experienced attorney can help you with the drafting, review, and negotiation of all of your business contracts, including intellectual property, nondisclosure agreements, licensing agreements, leases, purchases, sales, and much more.

Although an unfortunate part of business, there may be an aspect where there is a business dispute, which requires the knowledge and understanding of and experience business lawyer, to protect you from potential breach of contract allegations, infringement actions, commercial collections, and other disputes.

Also, a business lawyer will be able to assist you in all of your real estate transactions, including litigation.


It does not end there, because your businesses so integral to your way of life, you need to protect your intellectual property, including copyright and trademark registrations, in order to defend your interests in any situation where your trademark, copyright or patent has been infringed upon, keeping you protected from unscrupulous people, and allow you to profit from your intellectual property continually.

In addition to these things, a small business lawyer can assist you in all aspects of construction law, including construction defects that can adversely affect your business and its day-to-day operations. There are innumerable advantages for you as a business owner to work side-by-side with an experienced attorney that has experience handling business law issues.