Who Are The People That Clean Up Crime Scenes?

Some decades ago, cleaning up a crime scene was the work of the family of the deceased. Imagine the trauma this added to the already grieving family. From around 2012, companies started investing in the crime scene clean up; this is after seeing the urgent need to give a helping hand to families.

The crime scene cleanup companies are generally referred to as crime scene cleaners, Biohazard remediation technicians or Trauma scene restoration specialists. A good example is Spaulding Decon crime scene cleanup. They deal with the cleaning up of crime scenes among so many other services.

Facts about the crime scene cleanup companies.

1. It is a profession that is very dangerous.

Cleaning up biohazards is generally not a task that anyone would enjoy. The smell and sight of blood alone are enough to scare anyone.


This might harm you psychologically; however,the crime scene cleaners, are used to seeing human blood since their training. The danger in their work is caused by what they encounter physically. Coming into contact with blood, needles, broken glass pieces, etc. exposed one to so many diseases.

HIV/AIDS is one good example of diseases that a crime scene specialist can contract when handling stuff at a crime scene.

2. Not limited to crime scenes.

The trauma scene restoration specialists do not only deal with crime scenes resulting from murder. They also offer other services such as removing teargas from an area where the Law enforcement used teargas to deal with a demonstrating mob.

The crime scene cleanup companies also invest in decontaminating homes that experienced bacterial or viral incidents.

3. Employees must be emotionally stable.

Coming into contact with blood, or seeing dead bodies is for a fact not a cup of tea for everyone. However, since things happen, people die, and bills have to be paid, there must be people to clean up the crime scene.

Crime scene

For you to fit appropriately in this profession, you must be emotionally strong. This is why the profession is filled with ex-military and law enforcement officers; they are in a better place to handle such tasks with a stronger heart.

4. Cost of crime scene cleanup.

Being a growing industry, there are so many companies in the world investing in crime scene cleanup. The cost of the trauma scene restoration services depends on the type of clean up, the number of techs needed, region, company you hire, etc. Averagely the crime scene specialists charge anything from $1,000 to $10,000.The biohazard remediation technicians are simply professionals that deserve respects and worth hiring.