How Can Business Owners Motivate Their Employees?

The motivation of your employees is one of the most important factors when it comes to their productivity, however, it has a couple of secret perks worth considering, as well. For instance, aside from making your employees work harder, it also raises their overall workplace satisfaction, which improves morale, thus making your office more hospitable. For this reason, it also improves the chance that they’ll stay in your company a lot longer, thus giving a substantial boost to your employee retention efforts. Here are five techniques that you can use in order to reap all of these benefits.

Pay attention to them


There’s nothing that can make up for genuine interest in your employees in order to show them that you really care about them. So, talk to them when you have the time and make sure to remember what they have to say. Mentioning this in your next conversation is a nice touch and a testament to your attentiveness. Also, try to acknowledge them every time they pass you, even if it’s just with a mild smile or a subtle nod of the head. As Robert Brault once said, charisma is nothing more than the knack for giving people your full attention.

Ask them about their goals


The first thing you need to consider is the question of what your employees actually want in their professional career. Promotion is probably the most obvious answer, however, if they’re completely honest, the majority of your employees actually intend to go someplace else or start a company of their own. If you understand this and explain it to them that, once they decide to leave, you’ll part on good terms, they might respect you more or even try harder while in your employ. Finally, some might want to move to a different position within your enterprise. In other words, they’re far more interested in a lateral movement than a promotion of any kind. Other than this, there are some short-term goals to look out for.

Know your responsibilities

Every party in the office has its own responsibilities and you, as an employer, are no exception. It’s your job to provide them with an optimal workspace, protect them from bullying and mobbing of any kind, as well as pay them in time. By providing every person in your employ with practical personalized payroll cards and automating this process, you’ll make it all a lot easier. All in all, know your responsibilities.

Commemorating anniversaries

The simplest way to demonstrate how much you care about them is to commemorate their personal milestones like birthdays and work anniversaries. Here, it’s not about the gift, it’s about sending a message. Think about it, whether they expect you to remember is dubious, which is why any kind of mention will be seen as more than welcome. Moreover, when choosing a gift, you don’t have to go for anything expensive or even try to get them something with a personal meaning. They’ll get enough of this at home.

Fire troublemakers

There are some people who do their job admirably but make the atmosphere in the office unbearable for others. These people need to be identified and either let go or moved to a position where they can do less harm. The first type of these people is emotional vampires who metaphorically suck the life out of everyone around them. The other type is the rival who is a person who deliberately sabotages their coworkers, tattles and demoralizes them in order to get a competitive edge. Sure, some healthy competition is great for productivity but there are some people who just make your office into a hostile and unpleasant environment.


The best thing about these methods is the fact that they’re easy to pull off, and they give you an opportunity to make running your business a lot easier. By resolving some of these major issues, running your company will become a walk in the park. Overall, motivating your employees is never an easy task.