Meet Pavel Melnikov: The Head of VALTEC

Have you come across the names Pavel Melnikov and VALTEC recently? It seems that investors from Russia have been expanding their impact in various global markets.

In this Russian investor/entrepreneur’s case, we are talking about the plumbing engineering market and his company VALTEC as one of the leading enterprises in the area.

Here’s what we know about Pavel Melnikov and his business activities.

Pavel Melnikov’s educational background

Pavel Melnikov was born in Saint Petersburg (formerly known as Leningrad), Russia, on August 7, 1964. If we look at his educational profile, we immediately notice that Pavel Melnikov was interested in engineering and technology from the very beginning.

In the period from 1979 to 1983, he attended the Leningrad Energy College where he obtained a degree in Electrical equipment of industrial enterprises and installations. After that in 1985, he enrolled in the Leningrad Mechanical Institute or the Baltic State Technical University, as it is known today, and specialized in Radio electronic devices. He completed his studies in 1991.

Early career

While studying at the Institute, he started working for the Burevestnik LNPO company in Saint Petersburg in 1985 where he worked as an electrician of computers until 1990. 

The same year, he had a career change and started working as a forwarded for the DSK-2 Design and Industrial Construction Association in Saint Petersburg and remained there till 1992. 

Pavel Melnikov
Pavel Melnikov

Pavel Melnikov’s entrepreneurial spirit

It seems that Pavel Melnikov’s education and early career were a good basis for entrepreneurship. He recognized the potential in engineering plumbing and products such as faucets, fittings, filters, manifolds, pipes, and water meters from brass, polypropylene, and stainless steel and decided to take matters into his own hands.

At first, Pavel Melnikov started working on and developing products that would suit the Russian market. He soon founded the company VALTEC which is today one of the most recognizable engineering plumbing brands in Russia and worldwide. As a matter of fact, VALTEC holds up to 30% of the entire Russian market for some of its products. In 2008, he started investing in foreign markets and today he is the owner of shares of a factory in China which produces plumbing equipment under the VALTEC brand name.

Innovation and trademarks

One thing that can be said about Pavel Melnikov and his company is that innovation has certainly been an important driver of his success. What’s more, over 100 patents for various types of heating and plumbing equipment support this claim. 

Thanks to his vision, Pavel Melnikov has founded and developed many brands such as MINKOR, TENRAD, BRIXIS, and TENAХTHERM which are also registered trademarks as VALTEC and he also grants non-exclusive rights for their usage. 

Trademarks under Pavel Melnikov’s name are registered in China, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Italy, Germany, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, The Baltic countries, France, Spain, and Turkey.

VALTEC products
VALTEC products

Other business activities

Apart from VALTEC, Pavel Melnikov is the founder of VESTA TRADING LLC which is one of, if not the largest, plumbing suppliers in Russia. 

From 2009 to 2019, his company NOVATERM LLC imported radiators from Italy at first. Today orders for the production of radiators are placed in Italy (BRIXIS) and China (TENRAD).

It’s not only engineering plumbing for Pavel Melnikov.

He also does business in leasing commercial property like retail and office premises in Saint Petersburg. Other companies founded by Pavel Melnikov that do business in the city of Scherbinka, Moscow Region, are LUCH LLC, which deals in real estate management, and ENERGORESURS LLC, company for maintenance and servicing of electric networks and heat production.

Future activities

One thing which is on Pavel Melnikov’s agenda is expanding his investment plan. Apart from the ongoing investments in China, there is unofficial information that a share of his investments will be directed to Serbia and the production of sanitary and plumbing products in 2020.