20 Manufacturing Business Ideas

Manufacturing involve conversion of raw materials to finished products which are consumed by the end user. Business ideas in manufacturing have to involve products that are to bring revenue to it and as well supply products to the customer. Here are some business ideas:


This one of the most profitable business concerning food. Owning it you are assured you will make money only if you choose the right supplier, marketing strategy, place the business strategically and your products be of top quality.

2.Soap and detergent manufacturing

Soap and detergent manufacturingPeople have to wash their clothes as they want to stay clean. This is one of the most basic products a house will not miss and you certainly want to get into it to have a share of the market.

3.Biscuit making

This can be done on small scale. This is conventional activity that is wide spread in the world as there are millions of lovers of this snack. If you have the capability of doing it on a large scale you may have to be aggressive in it so as to penetrate the market well.

4.Candle making

Candles have been used over the years for various reasons which include religious, decoration as well as for the sake of light during the dark. You may opt to make scented candles just to stand out from the rest of the normal ones.

5.Chocolate making

Chocolates are quite a sweet tooth and most people enjoy them. They can be offered as gifts,welcome snacks or as a sale item. You certainly want to make it as sweet as possible but also don’t do it too much as too much of everything is poisonous.

6.Dairy products manufacturing

Dairy products are used in most houses for various purposes such as baking and baking. You may have to first to acquire the milk by either outsourcing or have a firm of your own to supply you with it.

7.Toys making

Fertilizer makingIts good to take advantage of the fact that parents want to impress their kids by buying them toys. This should be seen as a business opportunity where people should tap in and have the best ideas of toys conceptualized.

8.Fertilizer making

Farms have to produce products and by making fertilizer you have quite a wide market that you can take advantage of. This is because each house needs food and it has to be grown on both large and small scale.

9.Stationary items

These are items used widely in homes,offices and schools. Their demand is on a rise as days pass by as the number of users increase. Taping this manufacturing market makes good value for your investment.

10.Eye glass and frames

Spectacles are used by a number of people for various eye conditions. Apart from spectacle people love to wear shades or geeks for the sake of fashion or the sun. This is a large market to tap and you have to be aware of the competition as well as the trends in making them.

11.Furniture making

Homes cannot be homes without furniture in them. This is more of craft oriented and requires skill to make. However one may also engage in manufacturing of the fabrics of furniture then make the chair for sale also.

12.3d printing

Cosmetics3D printing has over the years grown rapidly over the years. There are two opportunities in this line of manufacturing. You may opt to make the manufacturing of the printers as well as the spare parts. The other side involves doing the printing part of it.


Ladies constantly care about beauty. The number of women being quite large assures you that there are those who demand for cosmetics. This line of manufacturing however has to be taken care of well as the ladies go for trends and hence its wise if you are up to date.

14.Bio-plastic packaging

Lately the world has been appreciating efforts towards environmental conservation. Through manufacturing of bio-plastic manufacturing to be used as food storage at home you customers will appreciate your care for the environment and buy into your idea.

15.Shoes and clothes

People want to be always dressed up for the day. They buy clothes based on income levels as well as their taste and preference. Getting into this line of manufacturing makes you have a big market to feed but you still have to get it right in order to be right.

16.Crockery and cutlery

Homes,festivals,occasions and hotels need this for a place to serve food and use to feed. This shows how the market is wide and manufacturing this items in sets makes it more appealing for your market. Have creative designs and quality materials used.

17.Ready to eat meals.

Some people may be busy or lazy to cook and manufacturing for them ready food is a way of satisfying their need. This can be in canned healthy foods or conventional meals.

18.Bread spreads manufacturing

Bread spreads manufacturingAs most home eat bread often its good if you make bread spreads such as peanut butter,jam and honey. Manufacturing them requires a number of ingredients which one has to be aware of as well as the processes of making them.

19.Tissue and serviette making

Packaged mineral waterKeeping clean is always one thing that you are always advised. Tissue paper and serviettes are multipurpose used and may earn you high margins.ensure you have a variety of designs of them that fit the various uses of them.

20.Packaged mineral water

Water is one life essential and hence being in this line of manufacturing. Getting water,purifying it and also packaging is the way to go about it. This is a health related so you have to it right as you don’t want contaminated water getting into the belly’s of people.