Can You Build Muscles In Your 30s

If you have passed your young adult years, you may be wondering if physical fitness is still an option. Even if you are middle-aged, it is not impossible to develop lean muscles and good health. You can reach your goals by making a commitment to following certain tips.

You Need To Exercise

If exercise has not been a part of your life, strive for progress instead of perfection. Take exercise slowly when you are starting out. Walk, jog, or run every day.


Do not buy the heaviest weights you can find. Choose weightlifting equipment made for beginners. Experts advise working out only one or two days a week. Your body will have a chance to recover on the days you do not work out, and you will not become discouraged because of pain. You can gradually progress to working out more often.

Assess Your Diet

For good health, do not dismiss the importance of a balanced diet. If you skimp on calories or neglect nutrition, you will actually lose lean muscle mass instead of fat. Choose foods from all the basic food groups every day.

Protein is a building-block of muscle. Start every day with a protein-packed breakfast, and have a serving of protein at every meal. Muscle-building protein can be found in poultry, fish, lean meat, and whole eggs. If you need a quick meal, a refreshment, or a snack, the best options are protein shakes and protein bars. You can learn more on This Site. You will be able to lose unwanted body fat while developing more muscle.

Why You Should Want To Build Muscles

Physical fitness is more than looking good. You will be more attractive with lean muscle, but you can also have more strength and energy and better health.


As you move from middle-aged into your older years, you will definitely appreciate the benefits. The protein-rich diet and daily exercise can lower your risk of many medical conditions and age-related health problems. You can be strong and physically fit when you reach your senior years.

It all starts with the choices you make today. When you develop strong muscles, you will feel good. You will have a nicer appearance, and more self-confidence. One of the smartest decisions you can make is to start building muscles when you are in your 30s.