The Jewellery Trends You Need To Know About For 2019

Clothing trends are usually well defined and finding them is so easy. What one can see as trending could be flowing all over the feeds in one day and about six months, the hype will all be gone and dead, and people will be looking with new trends again.

Jewelry, on the other hand, is a bit hard to spot. Here are jewelry fashion trends for 2019, we found a number of the newly designed jewelry for this year.

In- layered ear piercings

Most customers become so curious and interested in seeing a multiple piercing and therefore find it easy to experiment with an additional piercing at a time.



People who are used to using such earrings say that having a jewel above a multiply pierced ear going up it creates a fresh and deliberate effect. However, for the effect of being maximum, the user should stick to the theme.

In a high lobe piercing

High lobe piercing jewel is a fun accent to an existing first lobe piercing. However, the jewel works along with other added element s that are small, readable and flatter the existing piercing for maximum effects.

Chain link necklaces

There is nothing new about the chain link necklaces as people have been using them for a very long time now. However, what is so refreshing in them this 2019 is the fantastic shapes, and the glam finishes accompanied in these necklaces. This type of necklaces is seen in the runways of Hermes, Marni, and Monse.

Seashell jewels

Seashell jewels are well suited for both sunny and cold kinds of weather. They are beachy trends which are now seen everywhere. The colorful shells are accompanied with gold accents, beads and coral reef pendants to bring out its effect.

Open cuff necklace



These are more like chockers, but unlike chokers, they are all round as a little is left open in it. The jewel comes in different colors such as green, blue and orange. The gem can be worn with a matching theme to maximize its effects. It is mostly used by models’ given its attractive and colorful make.

Coins and coins

Coin-like necklaces are not that new since they have been trending for some time now. However, in the year 019, the trend is even more significant than ever with piles o pieces never seen before.

Some of the style of the coin necklace in this year features charms and lots of coins all round a single chain necklace. Models have been seen with this style of jewel with their necks wrapped with a pile of coins.

Neck bags

Neck bags started at first as waist bags, transitioned into a chest, and the good news for this is that the jewel will be worn around the necks. The ornament is made o a tinny little pouch, and a belt on its and one can put I on around their necks just like a necklace.

Crescent hoop earrings

These jewels have been trending season after season. However, or this year, the designs have been taken to another level where the earrings are made with a thick, half-moon design. The open hoop earrings are turned on the sides like moon crescent.