How Does Fashion Affect The Environment

Everyone is trying to catch up with the latest design of clothes. This has led to an increase in the percentage of disposable income that is spent to buy clothes through out the world. On the side of business more fashion lines and clothe-lines have opened up. These are some of the visible signs that show that fashion is quite important to mankind.

People want to feel at peace with what they wear and hence do not want to be left out on the latest designs. However this has a number of consequences to the environment that should be addressed.

As we buy clothes in our favourite stalls or online shop they do not brace us with the impact fashion has to the environment. Its come to a time where environmental concern is a key issue to the world we live in today. This means that we should know the impact of fashion on it.

To know about the impact of fashion on the environment find more info below:

1. Colors, prints and fabrics

These are manufactured products that use toxic chemicals that is disposed to the environment. As they are been made there are a number of processes that have to be followed in a sequence and these processes us chemicals to have an end result. Each chemical used posses a hazard to the environment if not well disposed of which some companies do not care about this.


If emissions of such kind get to the ozone layer they deplete it and hence leading to high heat experienced by the scorching sun. The chemicals also in liquid form are disposed to the rivers leading to death of aquatic life be it animals or plants. The chemicals contain acidic levels that inhibit also growth of plants if disposed on the ground without treatment.

2. Polyester

Unfortunately its the most common fabric on clothes. If you did not know its plastic and causes lots of harm to the environment. A good example is the increase of plastic levels in the ocean,seas,rivers and lakes that have been drawn from a number of places. Plastic is non-biodegradable and hence cannot decompose.


This means that its there to stay on the such environment unless collected and incinerated. Just how does polyester get to the environment? As you use your home washing machine, it sheds off lots of microfibre that is from polyester which in turn leads to the plastic levels. The worst thing about these microfibre is the fact that they pass through treatment plants,sewage and even waste water into the the waterways.

3. Water consumption

The fashion industry is quite a water consumer. This is because there are a number of industries that major in this and hence use water in a number of processes. The processes may include dying of fabrics to the desired colors. Just take a pause and see how many color of clothes you may have and how much water was used to dye each fabric of it.

These is why water is slowly becoming scarce. We are not accountable to the amount of water spent versus the available amount.

Apart from that, cotton also requires lots of water to grow. Even though its cultivated in warm and dry areas 20,000 liters of water has to be used to produce just 1kg of cotton. this number is quite alot and hence has to be addressed.